2WAYS Finals in Brussels

EUSCEA 2WAYS Science Festival

The EUSCEA 2WAYS Science Festival took place at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences - the Museum - Tuesday 30 November and Wednesday 1 December. The Festival included presentations of the 17 European projects, listed to the right. Find out more by following the links from each icon! Pictures taken by the official photographer can be found following these links:

Day 1 - 29 November: The Museum, opening ceremony
Day 2 - 30 November: Presentations, Parliament, Expert hearings, Dinner
Day 3 - 1 December: Press conference, Plenary session, Final Ceremony 

Young Europeans Science Parliament

The science parliaments that have been arranged by all partners have elected two delegates each to take part in a special "Young Europeans Science Parliament", that was arranged in the European Parliament building the same days. The plenary sessions on Wednesday 1 December was streamlined on the web.

The resolutions that was handed over to the vice-president of the European Parliament, ms Silvana Koch-Mehrin, can be found here. A summary of the resolutions by the 29 local science parliaments are also found under Final Event's documents.

See the French video called "2WAYS - les jeunes ont votĂ©" - even without knowledge of the French language, it gives a good picture of the event 

Impact Study

The 2WAYS project included an extensive impact study, carried out at all venues of the 29 partners, in connection with the events and also as a web based survey. The results were analysed by researchers at the University of Helsinki and presented at the Finals in Brussels. The report of the Impact Study can be downloaded from the Final Events Documents' page.

About the project

The 2WAYS project is about developing, showing and evaluating interactive and dialogical presentations of ongoing European life science research. Science festivals, science centers, universities and research teams all over Europe participate in this groundbreaking project, that also includes "science parliaments" on life science issues and an extensive impact study. 

This website contains "sub-sites" for all 17 projects.  For each project, there are pages for the presentation, the science it is based on, for videos and photos, and for documentation of how the work has been done. 

Partners are requested to login to find project related files for download, primarily under "Notes". 

2WAYS was created and coordinated by EUSCEA,European Science Events Association, and supported by the European Commission, as a Science in Society project under FP7.

Last updated 1 March 2011

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